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  Mario Daniel Ruiz Saavedra 01f76b1c7d Fix typo in Unsplash name (#71) 3 days ago
  Cassidy James Blaede baf5c51933 Mention specific licenses 3 days ago
  Julian Raschke b28514b543 Nattu Adnan (#69) 1 month ago
  Cassidy James Blaede 4c20429144 Fix white pixel in Ashim DSilva (#66) 3 months ago
  Cody Garver d45586cf1e Add elementary-os-prerelease dummy package 10 months ago
  Cody Garver c661b91c3d Install symlink 10 months ago
  Daniel Foré c4162ecb06 Symlink to Juno default Ashim DSilva.jpg (#60) 10 months ago
  Cody Garver ec83d54987 Release 5.3 11 months ago
  Cassidy James Blaede cd8081884c Remove Jay Ruzesky (Walruses) wallpaper (#55) 11 months ago
  Cassidy James Blaede 4a00ee5e73 Add reference to README (#58) 11 months ago
  aljelly 337bd28558 Morskie Oko ferns (#53) 1 year ago
  aljelly 76e98aba83 Fix typo in pull request template (#54) 1 year ago
  Cody Garver d0199226a7 Release 5.2 1 year ago
  Sam Hewitt e4ed638d65 edit out stray cloud in Luca Bravo (#51) 1 year ago
  Lains c02033533e 'Luca Bravo' wallpaper added (#48) 1 year ago
  Cody Garver 398e88d1fa Release 5.1 1 year ago
  Daniel Foré 8d0fd5c150 Hidpi (#46) 1 year ago
  Daniel Foré 7164c8af54 update metadata 1 year ago
  Daniel Foré c436942b49 Optimize Carmine de fazio (#44) 1 year ago
  Daniel Foré ef94e7d7a7 Add Sunset by the Pier (#43) 1 year ago
  Cody Garver eafcffc3df Release 5.0 1 year ago
  Daniel Foré 4f5b8e4a95 Remove water lily (#38) 1 year ago
  Daniel Foré 1e009c928d Add orange, stone, rock, and antelope canyon (#37) 1 year ago
  Cody Garver b7ae40798f Travis: add Artist exif test (#35) 1 year ago
  Cody Garver 9594f2ba31 Document tagging exif artist metadata using exiftool (#32) 1 year ago
  Cody Garver 3656007e49 Update exif and copyright data for artist Carmine De Fazio 1 year ago
  giatrakosg 275c007ab2 Add photo by Carmine De Fazio (#11) 1 year ago
  Daniel Foré 05a3f16e13 Add author info to exif (#31) 1 year ago
  Cody Garver 1977ad5e4f Restore and document Water Lily.jpg 2 years ago
  codygarver bff3087588 Remove wallpapers not licensed for commercial use (#27) 2 years ago