Collection of wallpapers for elementary OS

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elementary Wallpapers

Wallpapers for elementary OS

General wallpaper guidelines

Check out existing wallpapers to see what we're into. For starters, we typically prefer simple, pleasing photographs of nature with a shallow depth of field. Wallpapers that are less busy, have a single focal point, and are generally more out of focus near the edges are more likely to be chosen.

Also keep in mind the desktop environment: elementary OS has a transparent panel at the top, so wallpapers with lower-contrast top areas will look best. If the area under the panel is too high-contrast, it automatically get masked with a dark translucent overlay. We also use a small white dock at the bottom, and icons hang over the top edge of the dock. Wallpapers with less-busy, lower contrast areas near the bottom will look better.

  • Wallpapers should look good in Pantheon on elementary OS
  • Not too distracting if a non-maximized window is open
  • No text or logos
  • No people
  • We prefer photographic wallpapers, but digital/abstract isn't 100% out of the question
  • We prefer not to have photos with a single domesticated animal as a focus point
  • Wallpapers should be at least 3200×1800px

For Reference

elementary OS desktop, with the adaptive light and dark panel based on the wallpaper:

Light Wallpaper Dark Wallpaper
Light Dark

You should avoid busy parts of the wallpaper in the top panel and bottom dock areas.

To submit a wallpaper

  1. Make sure your wallpaper is openly-licensed and okay for commercial use (see below)
  2. Fork the project and add the wallpaper
  3. Add license info to the debian/copyright file
  4. Add artist exif metadata using command exiftool -artist="Vincent van Gogh" The\ Starry\ Night.jpg
  5. Create a pull request.

Due to the nature of this repository, very few pull requests will be accepted.


Acceptable licenses include:

  1. Public domain (preferred)
  2. Unsplash License
  3. A Creative Commons license that allows commercial use. Share-Alike and Attribution are allowed.

Individual wallpapers will be evaluated to ensure they meet the licensing requirements.