HAM / pat
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Mirror of https://github.com/la5nta/pat.git

Updated 6 hours ago

Clone of rtl-sdr

Updated 3 days ago

Mirror of my repository about my Linux Kernel configurations

Updated 4 days ago

Collection of wallpapers for elementary OS https://elementary.io

Updated 6 days ago

m2mlorawan - Single Channel LoRaWan Gateway. Forked from https://github.com/m2mlorawan/single_chan_pkt_fwd

Updated 3 weeks ago

Software defined radio receiver powered by GNU Radio and Qt. http://gqrx.dk

Updated 1 month ago

Mirror of Lychee

Updated 1 month ago

Mirror of multimon-ng

Updated 2 months ago

My repository about different gamma-astronomy source cataloges

Updated 3 months ago

Repository for the SDS011 sensor

Updated 3 months ago

Mirror of https://github.com/KonradIT/gopro-linux.git

Updated 3 months ago

Clone from https://sourceforge.net/projects/garminantdriver/ to preserve the ant driver

Updated 5 months ago

Tiny C Compiler

Updated 6 months ago

Location history and tracks management software. Cetus is a small location assistant, capable of storing and sharing live location and GPX tracks

Updated 7 months ago

Really simple, small HTTP server. Designed to act as a primitive HTTP server on my android devices.

Updated 7 months ago

Mirror of https://github.com/agtorre/go-cookbook.git

Updated 8 months ago

Small program to prevent that I'm just sitting in front of the computer all the time

Updated 9 months ago

Personal financial assistant

Updated 9 months ago

Mirror of the ansible role to set cgroup limits on a cluster

Updated 9 months ago

This is a collection of my basic configuration files and stuff

Updated 9 months ago