Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Martin Hebnes Pedersen efd322d064 Bump version (v0.8.0) 1 month ago
  Martin Hebnes Pedersen a1aba39956 ci: Go 1.13.1 1 month ago
  Martin Hebnes Pedersen 1c7fd2b81a Merge branch 'master' into develop 1 month ago
  Martin Hebnes Pedersen a77d128697 Pull changes in wl2k-go (ardop listener fix) 1 month ago
  blockmurder e717fcb28b Update PACTOR driver to version 2.0.2 1 month ago
  Martin Hebnes Pedersen 831c4e1ef1 go generate 1 month ago
  blockmurder 18ec5457d5 Avoid deep nesting. See 1 month ago
  blockmurder 9f3aade4b8 Make GPS position API more generic. See 1 month ago
  blockmurder 8e397055c2 Use logWriter file to print warning to avoid race conditions. See 1 month ago
  blockmurder 273ae99e89 EnableHttp should be spelled EnableHTTP since HTTP is an acronym. See 1 month ago
  blockmurder 9404ca4be6 Make sure, deprecated gpsd_addr is not written in new config files. Add deprecated hint. See 1 month ago
  blockmurder e166b85665 Add legacy support for older config files (using gpsd_addr) 1 month ago
  blockmurder 17cc57133f move GPSd config to its own struct. Only show warning when UI is served on all interfaces. Show who (IP) is accessing the GPSd data. 1 month ago
  blockmurder 67da944d3b use gpsd position data in web interface 1 month ago
  blockmurder 9cd218dc06 create http endpoint in order to provide gpsd data on websocket 1 month ago
  blockmurder 184137ed45 if set in config use server time 1 month ago
  blockmurder 968f8e7af5 add new config options whilst maintaining backwards compatibility 1 month ago
  blockmurder 971d7d95a7 throw error when timeout 1 month ago
  Martin Hebnes Pedersen 6f7afc2f12 Enable High Accuracy in the HTML5 Geolocation API 1 month ago
  Martin Hebnes Pedersen 8c1a65b0c5 Use wss:// when connecting over https 1 month ago
  Martin Hebnes Pedersen cf5d1869a8 Use Pactor default config if missing in cfg file 1 month ago
  Martin Hebnes Pedersen 19532a5efd Let user override default Service Codes via config 1 month ago
  blockmurder d473f6b3bf Add Torsten and me to the contributors list 1 month ago
  blockmurder 191e51084a update pactor driver to v2.0.1 1 month ago
  blockmurder 53caa54fc4 clean up before exit 1 month ago
  blockmurder 58eb37aff1 file permissions got changed somehow to 755. Change back to 644 1 month ago
  blockmurder e8577b2d75 fixing harenber/ptc-go#1 1 month ago
  blockmurder 401a42eb9e update pactor driver to version 2.0 1 month ago
  blockmurder c58a359f52 Implement new initialisation call from refactored pactor driver 1 month ago
  Martin Hebnes Pedersen a0dbd89051 Update 1 month ago