Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jonathan Newman 0edbed1d52 Implement __attribute__((nodecorate)) 1 year ago
  grischka ace1225492 tcc_add_file(): preserve s->filetype 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 671dcace82 Implement function alignment via attributes 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 1b1b270f1e Revert "Fix -pthread option handling" 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 3f8225509b Fix -pthread option handling 1 year ago
  grischka d348a9a51d final update for 0.9.27 1 year ago
  grischka 1a4d4b76e8 tccgen_begin/end_file 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 8490c54dbd Fix some multi-file corner cases with asm 1 year ago
  grischka 3ae1a2af1c tccgen: unify type redefinition checks 1 year ago
  grischka 877e164d6a tccasm: use global(_symbol)_stack 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 9e0d23cc47 tccasm: Unify C and asm symbol table 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 4266ebd69c tccasm: Don't abuse dllexport/dllimport 1 year ago
  Michael Matz e7c71e2473 tccasm: synch C and asm symtab tighter 1 year ago
  grischka da8c62f75d various stuff 1 year ago
  Steffen Nurpmeso 6f1860e200 Fix Windows++ compilation of previous (YX Hao, Joel Bodenmann) 1 year ago
  Steffen Nurpmeso 1d5e386b0a Introduce VIP sysinclude paths which are always searched first 2 years ago
  Larry Doolittle 8deb05c3e2 Use more conventional punctuation for sequential assignments 2 years ago
  Larry Doolittle 1b6806e5bb Spelling fixes 2 years ago
  grischka 1443039416 'long' review 2 years ago
  grischka 4b3c6e74ab tccgen: nodata_wanted fix, default ONE_SOURCE, etc... 2 years ago
  matthias fdc18d307a mutiples fix for _Generic 2 years ago
  grischka 0cc24d0e84 tcc -dt -run ... : simpler is better 2 years ago
  grischka 7f1ab9b1e1 tccgen: nodata_wanted 2 years ago
  grischka 69a137ff88 #pragma comment(option,"-..."), bitfields test, etc... 2 years ago
  Michael Matz 9bea88d616 Fix statement exprs returning a local label 2 years ago
  grischka a9e502cc3b refactor bitfields 2 years ago
  grischka f87afa72e0 refactor enums 2 years ago
  grischka 9ba76ac834 refactor sym & attributes 2 years ago
  grischka 9f79b62ec4 unsorted adjustments 2 years ago
  grischka 6c468c10f7 tccpp: allow "#define X defined Y ..." 2 years ago