Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Vlad Vissoultchev d0e662af08 Add README 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 61ba9f2299 Check for void type in top-level decls 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 22420ee1ee Fix misparsed type in presence of attributes 1 year ago
  Jonathan Newman 0edbed1d52 Implement __attribute__((nodecorate)) 1 year ago
  Michael Matz d79caa9ff6 x86-64: Fix calls via absolute function pointers 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 65c7f19deb Fix stored type of arguments on x86-64 1 year ago
  Andrey Gursky 91bdb5a4a3 Add linker's --export-dynamic flag alias 1 year ago
  grischka 8f6fcb709a misc fixes 1 year ago
  grischka 2b155a8c16 tccgen.c: fix warning for incompatible struct- and function pointers 1 year ago
  grischka ace1225492 tcc_add_file(): preserve s->filetype 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 671dcace82 Implement function alignment via attributes 1 year ago
  Petr Skocik ef668aae1e Don't fail on const/restrict/static/* inside [] 1 year ago
  Petr Skocik d6d3cf00ec patch type_to_str to handle complex function-ptr decls better 1 year ago
  Michael Matz f0a25ca263 Fix shortening casts of long long 1 year ago
  Thomas Preud'homme c41caac02d Select VFP if triplet is arm-linux-gnueabihf 1 year ago
  Thomas Preud'homme e76058c478 Remove asm-c-connect-sep in tests clean target 1 year ago
  Thomas Preud'homme 776aa0c093 Prevent dead code on !x86 in prepare_dynamic_rel 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 3e6515b64f Add make testspp.all/testspp.20 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 7ad2cf8d68 Code suppression fixes 2 years ago
  Michael Matz 8294285d8f Don't emit applied .rel sections 1 year ago
  foobar 988e2ff7fe fix debug info with musl on x86_64 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 414b224efa Accept more floating point constant expressions 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 9e47b18229 Make type of __nan__ __inf__ and __snan__ be float 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 3b27b3b1d1 Fix -pthread in a different way 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 1b1b270f1e Revert "Fix -pthread option handling" 1 year ago
  Michael Matz 3f8225509b Fix -pthread option handling 1 year ago
  grischka d348a9a51d final update for 0.9.27 2 years ago
  grischka 1a4d4b76e8 tccgen_begin/end_file 2 years ago
  Michael Matz 8490c54dbd Fix some multi-file corner cases with asm 2 years ago
  grischka 3ae1a2af1c tccgen: unify type redefinition checks 2 years ago